Our Story

From a very young age, I was always fascinated with cultures that were different from mine and I could never understand why people rejected others from different cultures, races, ethnicities or beliefs. Living in an environment where I have been in the minority both during my formative years and as an adult, I have become very aware of my individuality and Black female identity. And as a Black woman, I feel the need and the obligation to raise awareness that differences should be embraced and treasured, not rejected. Through Kulea Culture Society, I was able to reach out to like-minded individuals to respond to the need for organized action to fight against discrimination through education, training and events to work together for inclusion, equity and belonging in a peaceful world.

Kulea means to nurture and care in Swahili. This reflects Kulea Culture Society’s approach of nurturing people and cultures by welcoming them into our communities and creating a sense of belonging. Our work is focused on developing better understanding and acceptance through training and events that celebrate our different cultures.

Please join us as a partner, volunteer or participant. All are welcome!

Silvia Mangue Alene


A nurturing community where everyone is valued, celebrated and accepted.


Promoting diversity, inclusion and equity through training and cross-cultural events.


Inclusivity where everyone can achieve their potential.

Respect for people’s differences, cultural traditions, knowledge and ways of life.

Collaboration with individuals and organizations to achieve an inclusive, equitable and respectful society.

What We Do


Education is central to the mission of Kulea Culture Society. We believe that we can promote respect for differences and eliminate discrimination through self reflection, awareness about others’ experiences and cultural knowledge.


Kulea Culture Society presents event on different themes. These events are enjoyable and uplifting and contribute to the understanding and respect for different cultures, cultural traditions and experiences.

Promoting diversity, inclusion and equity through training and cross-cultural events.