Education is central to the mission of Kulea Culture Society. We believe that we can promote respect for differences and eliminate discrimination through self reflection, awareness about others’ experiences and cultural knowledge.
The more we know about ourselves and each other, the more we can build bridges between cultures and cooperate towards an inclusive society.


Kulea Culture Society offers workshops on demand on several topics. These workshops have several modules and can be taken as a whole or in part. Workshops can be scheduled depending on the needs of the organizations. They can be given to different sizes of groups.

Workshops include:
Cultural Competence
Harnessing the Benefits of Equity
Inclusion Customized Workshops


The goal of our presentations and lectures is to introduce participants to the fundamentals of equity, diversity and inclusion work. By becoming aware of our own identity, biases, and strengths, we can contribute better to build a just and equitable society. Each presentation is repeated a few times a year. Technical Requirements: The presentations are one- hour long. For in-person presentations, the sponsor needs only to provide a room and a projector/screen for a computer slide presentation. Participants can make notes to record essential concepts and facts for future reference. For further information please contact

Race & Discrimination
The Road to Becoming a Canadian Citizen Unconscious Bias
The Development of White Identity
Canadian Culture & Values