postponed until 2022 – stay tuned

Kulea Culture Society has teamed up with BC Black History Awareness Society, Songhees Development Corporations and City of Victoria Mayor’s Office to present a public exhibition of the variety and scope of racialized, Indigenous and new immigrant businesses in the Greater Victoria area. Entrepreneurship is a critical pathway to attainment of economic and social status in Canada. Colourful Business is a showcase of the varied businesses from communities that are often marginalized. The event also includes skills development workshops at no cost to the participants, networking opportunities and entertaining performances for the public from a variety of cultures. Multicultural businesses make the Victoria area more vibrant and relevant for residents and visitors alike. Bringing racialized, Indigenous and new immigrant businesses together with established business and the general public helps break down barriers and stimulates new positive connections. Promoting diversity as part of Victoria’s economic development creates an environment where commerce better reflects the region’s makeup and future.

Multicultural businesses run by entrepreneurs from diverse Indigenous, ethnic and racial heritages make Vancouver Island vibrant and relevant for both residents and visitors. Despite their contributions, these businesspeople often must devote extra effort to overcome past discrimination and negative attitudes

Colourful Business will include:

  • A public exhibition of the variety and scope of racialized, Indigenous and immigrant-owned businesses
  • Skills development workshops and presentations to help participant businesses maximize their success
  • Networking opportunities among participant and established companies
  • Cultural performances for the education and enjoyment of the public

2022 Date to be determined…

Victoria Conference Centre

Organized by Kulea Culture Society in partnership with the City of Victoria, the BC Black History Awareness Society and Songhees Development CorporationColourful Business will take in 2021 at the Victoria Conference Centre. It will promote Indigenous, racialized and new immigrant businesses and enterprises in Victoria.

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