Kulea Culture Society offers workshops on demand on several topics. These workshops have several modules and can be taken as a whole or in part. Workshops can be scheduled depending on the needs of the organizations. They can be given to different sizes of groups.

This presentation gives new immigrants and Canadians a good understanding of the values in Canadian society. Knowledge of Canadian culture and values is very important to overcome obstacles that might prevent their integration.

Learners are provided instruction on democracy, rule of law, importance of free elections, role of an independent judiciary, value of a free press and respect for human rights and gender equality in Canada.

What is your ethnic background? According to Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum, many White people never really considered their own racial and ethnic group membership.

For them, “whiteness” was simply the unexamined norm. Because they represent the societal norm, Whites can easily reach adulthood without thinking much about their racial group.

On the other hand, active exploration of what it means to be Black is an almost universal experience for Black adolescents due to the encounters with racism they commonly encounter.

Unconscious bias – the quick judgments we make of people and situations without even being aware of doing it – is part of all of us, affecting our decisions and actions.

Unconscious bias is often influenced by our personal experiences, backgrounds and sociocultural stereotypes.

Canada, as a country, wants to make sure that the people that are accepted as residents will be fully participating and respectful of the Canadian culture and values.

In this presentation, learners will be introduced to the basics of Canadian immigration process and how new immigrants enter the country and become part of our society.

This presentation explores how race has become a social construct to the benefit of some.

It addresses the economic and social values derived from historical structures and practices such as slavery.

The presentation introduces different types of racism and how to best combat them.