The Road to Becoming a Canadian Citizen Presentation

The Multiculturalism Act in Canada aims to foster diversity, promote the full and equitable participation of individuals of all origins and assist newcomers to eliminate barriers to participation in Canadian society. Multiculturalism has two key components: One is to promote respect for people from other cultures in Canadian society. The other is to promote among newcomers an understanding of the values and cultures in Canada that is essential to fully become a part of the society.

Immigrants and refugees that chose to make Canada their home go through an extensive process to become Canadian citizens. Canada, as a country, wants to make sure that the people that are accepted as residents will be fully participating and respectful of the Canadian culture and values. In this presentation, learners will be introduced to the basics of Canadian immigration process and how new immigrants enter the country and become part of our society. The presentation does not provide legal advice; it reviews Canada’s current policies and practices towards newcomers.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this lecture, learners will be able to

  • Identify the main components of the Canadian immigration process
  • Recognize how policies and procedures influence newcomers’ lives and decisions in Canada
  • Reflect critically on how they take part in the multicultural society in Canada

Facilitator: Silvia Mangue Alene
Duration: 1 hour
Fee: $20 CAD per person
Currently given only online